4. A 1,750 kg weather satellite moves in a circular orbit with a gravitational

4. A 1,750 kg weather satellite moves in a circular orbit with a gravitational potential energy of 1.69 x 100 J. At its location, free-fall acceleration is only 6.44 m/s?. How high above Earth's surface is the satellite?

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It is known that the value of free fall acceleration is g = 6.44 m/s^{2}. And, the value of radius of Earth is 6.4 \times 10^{6} m.

Let us assume that height of the satellite is h.

It is known that,

             g = \frac{GM}{r^{2}}        

where,   r = (R + h)


              r = \sqrt{\frac{GM}{g}}

              r = \sqrt{\frac{6.67 \times 10^{-11} \times 5.98 \times 10^{24}}{6.44 m/s}}

                = 7.9 \times 10^{6} m

Now, formula for height of satellite above the Earth's surface is as follows.

            h = r - R

               = 7.9 \times 10^{6} - 6.4 \times 10^{6}

               = 1.5 \times 10^{6} m

Thus, we can conclude that the satellite is 1.5 \times 10^{6} m high above Earth's surface.

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The height of the satellite moving in a circular orbit above the Earth's surface is the satellite is; 1.5 × 10⁶ m

What is the height of gravitational fall?

The formula to find the height of the satellite above the earth's surface is; h = [√(GM/g)] - R


G is gravitational constant = 6.67 × 10⁻¹¹ N.m²/kg²

M is mass of earth = 5.98 × 10²⁴ kg

g is free fall acceleration = 6.44 m/s²

R is radius of earth  6400000 m


h = [√(6.67 × 10⁻¹¹ × 5.98 × 10²⁴/6.44)] - 6400000

h = 1.5 × 10⁶ m

Read more about height of gravitational fall at; brainly.com/question/14460830

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Answer: Reactants

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                       8.48 × 10²² atoms of Nitrogen


                   Calcium Carbonate is an ionic compound made up to Calcium (Ca²⁺) and Nitrate (NO₃⁻) ions. Also, the subscript 2 after the closed bracket after NO₃ specifies that there are two moles of NO₃⁻ in calcium nitrate compound. Hence, in total we can say that this compound contain,

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                                    2 atoms of Nitrogen

                                    6 atoms of Oxygen



              1 molecule of Ca(NO₃)₂ contains  =  2 atoms of Nitrogen


   4.24 × 10²² molecules of Ca(NO₃)₂ will contain  = X atoms of Nitrogen

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B. It protects the species classified as endangered
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The statistical power is influenced by the factors such as sample size, significance error, observed test value etc.  Hence, the critical value level is the one not influencing the statistical power.

What is statiscal power ?

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