Marvin says that all rhombuses are squares. Aretha says that all square

Marvin says that all rhombuses are squares. Aretha says that all square are rhombuses. Who is correct? Explain

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Aretha is correct. Since a rhombus a is a quadrilateral with 4 equal sides in terms of length, (forming 4 right angles in each corner), it can be concluded that all squares are rhombuses. However, only some and not all rhombuses are squares because some rhombuses may have equal lengths but all corners don't form right angles. 

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Since Marnie has bought her car,the value has gone down 15%.If her car is 13000 right now,how much was it worth when she bought it?
Solution 1
Percentage of depreciation of the car that Marie bought = 15%
Present value of the car = 13000
Let us assume that the value of the car at the time of buying = x
The percentage valuation of the car now = (100 - 15) percent
                                                                 = 85 percent
(85/100) * x = 13000
85x = 13000 * 100
85x = 1300000
x = 1300000/85
  = 15294.12
So the actual cost of the car is 15294.12. I hope the procedure is clear enough for you to understand.
The municipal swimming pool in Nicetown has three different ways of paying for individual open swimming. Todd is trying to decide which way to pay. • Early Pay: Pay $70 before Memorial Day; swim any number of days • Deposit Plus: $15 deposit plus $4.00 per day • Daily Pay: $6.00 per day Answer the following questions: 1. Write an equation for each method of payment. Write your equations in slope-intercept form so that x is the number of days and y is the cost. a. Early Pay: b. Deposit Plus: c. Daily Pay:
Solution 1
Sllope intercept form is y=mx+b
m is the slope , b is the y itnercept

so early pay
cost=70 flat rate
the equation would be y=70

deposit pluss
you have to pay an initial one time payment of 15 so
then 4 dollars per day
4 times number of days

daily pay is 6 dollars per day so 6 times number of days

a. y=70
b. y=4x+15
c. y=4x
A person sold 100 shares of stock at a loss of 40%. If the selling price for the 100 shares was 3000 which of the following comes closest to what was paid for the stock
Solution 1
(purchase price)*(1 -0.40) = $3000
purchase price = $3000/0.60 = $5000
The markup is changed to 34% ;how does the expression for the retail price change?
Solution 1
If wholesale cost is x, then retail is x plus the percentage change in x. (1 + .34)x = 1.34x.
My sister is buying new carpet for her bedroom floor. The length of the bedroom is 13 feet. The area of the bedroom is 175.5 square feet. How wide is my sister's bedroom? A. 13.5 ft B. 13.5 ft 2 C. 162.5 ft 2 D. 198.5 ft 2
Solution 1
Area = length x width
Given:  length = 13 , area = 175.5

175.5 = 13 x width
width = 175.5 ÷ 13 
width = 13.5 feet

The width is 13.5 ft (Answer A)
Solution 2
Since the formula for the area of a rectangle is length × width = height, we can divide the area by the length to get the width.

175.5 ÷ 13 = 13.5

And since the width is one dimensional, the answer is A.

Hope this helps!
Carlos put 15% down on a 90000 house what is the mortgage amount he will pay monthly for 30 years at 11.5 %
Solution 1
90,000*.85 = $76,500 = Financing
He will pay $757.57 monthly for 30 years at an interest rate of 11.5%
A pack of cinnamon-scented pencils sells for $8.00. What is the sales tax rate if the total cost of the pencils is $8.64?
Solution 1
$8.64 -$8.00= $0.64

$0.64/ $8.00* 100%= 8%

The sales tax rate is 8%~
Randy’s circular garden has a radius of 1.5 feet he wants to enclose the garden with edging that costs $0.75 per foot about how much will the edging cost? Explain.
Solution 1
Circumference = 2 \pi  r
circumference = 2 \pi (1.5)
circumference = 9.42 feet

The circumference is 9.42 feet, so we need to get fencing for 10 feet (assuming the fence comes in feet, i.e. you cant buy half a foot)

1 feet = $.075
10 feet = $0.75 x 10 = $7.50
There are 254 212 610 registered cars in the United States. What is this number rounded to nearest million?
Solution 1

The value of number rounded to nearest million is,

⇒ 254,000,000

What is rounding off?

Rounding numbers refers to changing a number's digits such that it approximates a value. The provided number is more simply represented by this value. For instance, 700,000 rather than 698,869 could be used to express a town's population.

Given that;

There are 254 212 610 registered cars in the United States.

Hence, The value of number rounded to nearest million is,

⇒ 254,000,000

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Solution 2



Step-by-step explanation:

As it's 212,610 you round it down

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Solution 1
To find the average speed in miles per hour, we need to divide 288 by 6.

288 ÷ 6 = 48

The average speed should be 48 mph.