Which best models a line? Question 10 options: A. a floor B. a pebble C.

Which best models a line? Question 10 options: A. a floor B. a pebble C. a jump rope D. a stick

2 months ago

Solution 1

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2 months ago
It should be D. A stick

Solution 2

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2 months ago
D. a stick. Because it is the straightest.

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Which of the following binomials is a factor of x^3+4x^2+x-6? x-2 x+2 x-4 x+4
Solution 1
Three solutions to this answer
x= -1
A student computed the average of her 7 test scores by adding the scores together and dividing this total by the number of tests. The average was 87. On her next test, she scored a 79. What is her new test average?
Solution 1
After the new test, she now has taken 8 tests.
Set it up just like when finding the average:
Solve for the new test average
45 is 60% of what number
Solution 1
Its 75% hope dis helps
Solution 2
Well you can make an equation to help you solve it. 45 = 0.6x which becomes \frac{45}{0.6} = x. So your answer is 75
PLEEAASSEE HEELPP A cube has a volume of 56 cubic inches. What is the length of one of its sides? Round to two decimal places if necessary.
Solution 1
You have to find the cube root of 56
Solution 2
A cube is x^3 so  \sqrt[3]{56}
In general, the y-intercept of the line y = mx + b is b. Explain why that makes sense.
Solution 1
M: Y2-Y1   M is the slope

I hope this helped you.
X + 5y = -2 2x + y = 5 The point of intersection of the lines has a y-coordinate of _____. -1 1 or 3?
Solution 1


A. -1

Step-by-step explanation:

We have been given a system of equations. We are asked to find y-coordinate of the point of intersection of the lines.



We will substitution method to solve our given problem. From equation (1), we will get:


Upon substituting this value in equation (2), we will get:


Now, let us solve for y.








Therefore, the point of intersection of the lines has a y-coordinate of -1 and option A is the correct choice.

Solution 2
Y=1 , X=-1 I am very very positive about this answer.
The area of a parallelogram is 15 centimeters squared. the length of the base is 5 centimeters. find the width. show all your work.
Solution 1
A parallelogram is a 4-sided shape formed by two pairs of parallel lines. Opposite sides are equal in length and opposite angles are equal in measure. To find the area of a parallelogram, multiply the base by the height. We calculate as follows:

Area = b x w
15 = 5w
w = 3 cm
Which of the following expressions represents "the sum of n and the sum of 8 and 6"?
Solution 1
The sum of 8 and 6 is 8 + 6
The sum of n and the sum of 8 and 6 is n + (8 + 6)

So the answer is B

Solve each equation. (x + 3)(x - 3) = 16 - 2x 2
Solution 1
x= +/-√25/3
x=+/- 5√1/3

Consider this sequence: 1/32, 1/8, 1/2, 2, 8 I have the points I think? (1,1/32) (2,1/8) (3,1/2) (4,2) (5,8) Graph the first five terms of the sequence. Explain why the sequence is geometric.
Solution 1
In mathematics, a geometric progression, also known as a geometric sequence, is a sequence of numbers where each term after the first is found by multiplying the previous one by a fixed, non-zero number called the common ratio.   The sequence has a common ration of: (1/8) / ( 1/32) = 4